Real Treasure | Morning Routine for October 28

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. —Luke 12:34 (ESV)

Jesus’ words in Luke 12 liken the riches in Heaven to treasure. And where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. In the broader text of Luke 12, Jesus says that we should not lay up for ourselves treasure on earth, but treasure in heaven, treasure that will never decay and will never diminish. When that is our focus, it seems our heart will be full of joy and overflowing.  

May I ask you: where is your heart today? A recent study commissioned by the Herzog Foundation found that many Christians today are not happy. And I wonder if as Christians, we’re being distracted from God’s plan for our lives and focused too much on the cares of this world. Realistically, do you know that this is not the worst time in human history to be a Christian? It may be the most difficult time you’ve seen in your lifetime, but to date, no Christians in America have been thrown into fiery furnaces, a lion’s den, or sentenced to fight gladiators in the colosseum.  

Today, I encourage you to shut off anything that would tempt you to lose heart. This world is quite important, so much so that God sent His only begotten son… because He so loved the world!  But for you and me, keep your eye on the ball. This world is our place of mission. It is not our permanent home. Don’t stop singing about the presence of God and the very real crowd made up of saints through the ages who receive from His presence. Stay focused and let the joy of the Lord flow from you. If you don’t like where your heart is, go find an eternal treasure!