Condoleeza Rice and Congressional School Choice Caucus meeting highlights importance of parent-led education in the US

On November 3, the Congressional School Choice Caucus met with former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, for a conversation on education issues facing students and parents across the country. 

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice with Senator Tim Scott (via @SenatorTimScott on Twitter).

The meeting, led by School Choice Caucus Co-Chairs Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Congressman John Moolenaar of Michigan, focused on parent involvement in education, COVID effects on learning, and the November elections where education was a key issue in many states. 

In a statement, Senator Scott emphasized the need for school choice in creating “lifelines” for students.

“Throughout the pandemic, school closures highlighted the detrimental impact of reducing parents’ educational options. Yet — inexplicably — efforts to lock parents out of the conversation have only accelerated,” said Senator Scott. “I’ve often said a good education is the closest thing to magic in this country, providing a lifeline for kids who feel stuck in poverty, as I did. I look forward to working with my colleagues to extend that lifeline to all young Americans by putting their education back in the hands of those who know best: their parents.”

Offering families choice in the schools they attend and creating state funding sources to make private or charter school education more accessible are issues many states addressed in recent legislative sessions. At least 26 states now have some type of school choice program in place.

And, a September poll from RealClear Opinion Research showed 55% of voters polled supported giving families options if they disagree with the curriculum being taught in their child’s school.

Secretary Rice, who now serves as director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has long demonstrated support for school choice initiatives. 

“Education is the great equalizer,” Secretary Rice said in an Instagram post following her discussion with the caucus. “Let us do the important work of making a quality education available to every child in this country. The choice to attend a good school should not just be a luxury for the privileged few, but a right for all.”