Christian school opens $13m innovation center in pursuit of excellence in education

Mt. Paran Christian School (MPCS) recently cut the ribbon on a $13 million project, a 23,000 sq. ft. building expansion in Kennesaw, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. The expansion boasts more than just space. The Murray Innovation Center is a landmark of the school’s dedication to academic excellence and STEM education, inspiring students to innovate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Head of School Tim Wiens spoke to The Lion about the expansion. “As we opened the Murray Innovation Center on campus last week, I think I am most excited that it provides us with new, modern, novel spaces for teachers to teach and students to learn,” he said. “We know these spaces will enable our students to explore the depth and breadth of God’s creation in new and exciting ways, while also applying the learning they have done throughout the scope of the entire school curriculum.” Wiens and his wife, Kathryn, have previously shared their vision for excellence in Christian education in an article written exclusively for The Lion.

Mt. Paran Christian School shared photos of the center via Facebook.

A fabrication lab, a maker space, and a digital lab can be found in the innovation center alongside various other examples of advanced equipment. Wiens hopes students will learn in ways they never anticipated, embracing creativity, intuition, and innovation to produce spectacular ideas, creations, and more. “We can now enable students to implement design thinking, and to tinker, build, ideate, and create in new and possibly even unexpected ways,” he said. 

A maker space within the Murray Innovation Center. (via Facebook)

This massive leap for Mt. Paran is a testament to the growth in excellence in Christian education all across the country. “As Christian educators, we have a call to do all as if unto Christ. This high calling means that in all we do, we need to provide excellence in the classroom, advancing the minds and knowledge of our students,” Wiens said. “This new facility, added to those which already exist, enables us to provide the latest in technology and couple it with both innovative and traditional pedagogy and curriculum.” 

This center promises to prepare students to be ready to take on the challenges that await them when they graduate. Wiens said that he wants students to “walk away as graduates knowing and understanding that God is in the details.”

There are also plans to involve alumni, parents, and others in the community in a student incubator. “We hope this will be a place and a way our students can come up with great ideas and find ways to implement them. Who knows, maybe the next Apple or Tesla will come from the mind of one of MPCS’s graduates,” Wiens said.