Nearly 7 out of 10 parents now support school choice

National School Choice Week (NSCW) began yesterday, and recent survey findings released by the non-profit revealed that school choice is trending up among parents, with nearly 70% in support. Those parents appear to be open to a variety of educational options, too, including 35% who are open to private or faith-based schools and 24% open to homeschooling. 

Over 2,700 parents across the nation with children ages 5-18 participated in the survey, conducted earlier this month. When asked if they have considered or are considering changing the location of their children’s education, 51% of parents responded affirmatively. Of those that said yes, 18% have already made the transition to a new school. 

The 51% considering changing their child’s school were also asked about their reasons for considering a switch:

  • 36% claimed they wanted a better education for their children.
  • 34% claimed pandemic policies influenced their decision.
  • 21% claimed they wanted more say in their children’s education.

Only 15% of respondents were considering a change because they were moving, and 18% of parents who said they hadn’t considered or weren’t currently considering changing their children’s education claimed they would consider it for the 2022-2023 school year.

Parents who considered or are considering changing their children’s education were asked what factors were most important to them in their decision: 

  • 24% said that they wanted to find a school that prepares students for real-world success.
  • 20% said they wanted to find a school that helps students develop critical thinking skills.
  • 12% said they wanted to find a school that gives parents a voice in their children’s education.
  • 11% said they wanted to find a school that encourages meaningful parent participation. 

The survey also asked respondents to indicate all of the learning environments they chose or might choose (respondents could choose multiple options, so results are greater than 100%):

  • 38% said traditional public schools.
  • 32% said traditional public schools in a different district.
  • 24% said full-time homeschooling.
  • 35% said private or faith-based schools.
  • 26% said full-time online schooling.
  • 20% said public magnet schools.
  • 31% said public charter schools.
  • 5.36% mentioned other schooling options.

National School Choice Week is a non-profit organization that highlights effective K-12 education options for children.