Did biological males stay in a girls’ cabin at camp? ‘It’s absolutely a mess out here in California’

Parents of elementary students in a California school district are livid after a group of 5th-grade girls reported adult biological males had slept in their cabins at a camp. 

The girls, from Weaver Elementary in the Los Alamitos Unified School District, said some of the camp counselors who are biological males, but were using the pronouns “they/them,” spent three nights sleeping in cabins with the girls at Camp Pali near San Bernardino.

Initially, a spokesperson for the camp said under California law counselors are allowed to sleep in cabins of the gender they identify with. But the camp’s founder has denied the incident happened. “To our knowledge,” reads a statement from the camp’s attorney, “there have been no biologically male counselors in shared cabins with female students at Pali Institute. While counselors may have used the pronouns, they/them, the use of these pronouns is not restricted to biological males. Biological females also use those terms.”

Still, parent Rachel Sandoval told Los Angeles station KTLA, “I contacted the school and asked them if they were able to confirm that there was not a man actually sleeping in the same cabin as the girls. They were not able to confirm that.”

In addition, one parent told Fox News some students “were lectured on the inappropriate misgendering of counselors.”

Parents say they aren’t accusing anyone of a crime, but that it was an egregious error for the school not to inform them of the policy. A PowerPoint sent by the district to parents mentioned nothing about sleeping arrangements based on gender identity. 

“No parent should feel the way I feel after knowing what could have happened to my daughter,” parent Suzy Johnson told the media. “It’s awful that children had to even experience this in 5th-grade camp. If I was aware of it and I had initialed something saying this was going to be done at this outdoor science camp, I would have kept my children home.”

Troubling to Johnson, too, is that she learned of the alleged sleeping arrangements while looking into another unrelated matter at the camp: She told Fox News a female counselor “threatened to slap the girls, pulled their braids, grabbed them by their feet in their bunks if they did not get up in time, and turned the shower off while they were still getting ready.”

“It was constant fear that my child and her friends went through,” Johnson said.

After bringing up the abuse allegations, Johnson said she was flooded with emails confirming the same details, along with the revelation regarding the biologically male counselors.

The district responded to the concerns by saying that it takes the matter seriously and would be investigating.

Caitlyn Jenner, who claims to be a transgender woman, torched the camp, district, and California as a whole, saying, “You know what, we are living in such a woke world right now I can’t even figure it out. … In this crazy state of California the law says it’s OK to put staff in the cabins that they identify as, and I guess these two boys identified as they and them, which I can’t quite understand, and the parents found out. Now the camp is trying to get around it. … It’s absolutely a mess out here in California.”