School board doesn’t want to hear parent read illicit passage from a book in its own school library

A concerned mother read the school board a sexually explicit excerpt from a book available in a Georgia school’s library, in order to object to its inclusion there. But ironically, she was cut off by the school board because the content was just too vulgar.

After hearing the excerpt from the book “Homegoing,” a member of the Cherokee County School District board told the mother, “Excuse me, we have children at home.”

The mother fired back, “Don’t you see the irony in that? You’re saying exactly what I’m telling you! You’re giving it to our children! I would never give this to my children!”

The board then cut off the mother, informing her she had 30 seconds left to speak.

The mother pointed out it would take until November before the books in question would be reviewed by administrators. She also accused the board of embarrassing both parents and their children by their actions.

“If I can’t email [the books] to you, if I can’t say them, they shouldn’t be in the school,” she finished.

A board spokesperson told FoxNews the school board cut the mother off  “because she was reading a high school-level book, and children younger than high school age have access to watch the meeting livestream and access to watch the video when it was posted the next day on the CCSD website.”

The mother is part of a group of parents who met in January to discuss the list of questionable books they found across the district. The parents and their supporters are eyeing the November election, when four seats are up for grabs on the school board. The group has put forth four parent-candidates, campaigning under the slogan “Four Can Do More.”