Scottie Scheffler wears his Christian faith on his sleeve as he dons the green jacket for his first Masters tournament win

Long before he donned the famous green jacket as 2022 Masters Tournament champion Sunday, Scottie Scheffler was wearing his Christian faith on his sleeve. 

“Very grateful for one year of marriage to my best friend! God is good,” the 25-year-old pro golfer posted on his wedding anniversary last December. 

Then, after his first PGA Tour win in February – notably with his new caddie Ted Scott – this was Scheffler’s Instagram post: “Overwhelmed at getting my first PGA Tour win. So thankful to the Lord, Teddy, our families and friends, and everyone else a part of the team.” 

At the Masters this weekend, millions around the world watching on CBS were informed by announcer Jim Nantz that Scheffler even met Scott at a Bible study class last year. 

And after his win at Augusta Sunday, Scheffler told the world’s assembled media why he even plays the sport to begin with. 

“The reason why I play golf is I’m trying to glorify God and all that He’s done in my life,” Scheffler said. “So for me, my identity isn’t a golf score. Like Meredith told me this morning, ‘If you win this golf tournament today, if you lose this golf tournament by 10 shots, if you never win another golf tournament again,’ she goes, ‘I’m still going to love you, you’re still going to be the same person, Jesus loves you and nothing changes.’ All I’m trying to do is glorify God and that’s why I’m here and that’s why I’m in [this] position.” 

Scheffler and Scott had already won three times on the PGA Tour this year before the Masters, and Scheffler came into the tournament in Augusta, Georgia ranked No. 1 in the world. But as caddie Scott said on a Sports Spectrum podcast in 2018, just being a Christian is no guarantee of a glidepath to success. 

Indeed, Scheffler’s lead was cut to one stroke early Sunday before he ended up winning by three. During Saturday’s third round, Scott had to help guide Scheffler through some dire straits – particularly after several bogeys left him with a tenuous three-stroke lead after being up by six. Scheffler’s errant tee shot on the last hole Saturday became an unplayable ball beneath some brush. He escaped the situation with only a bogey. 

“People a lot of times think, well, if you become a Christian, God’s just going to make everything easy for you, and that’s not the case,” caddie Scott had said in the podcast. “But having the God of the universe, the Creator, on your side just makes things a lot easier to deal with. And the principles of the Bible are something that, when you use them, you can see it manifest in your life.” 

After all that, Scheffler and Scott now sit atop arguably the grandest mountain in the game of golf – but with a unique perspective about how they got there. 

“Scottie Scheffler and Ted Scott: A PGA Tour duo made in heaven?” asked a headline after their first win. 

Well, made in Bible study for sure.