Done ‘playing nice’ with parents: School district sought to help 3rd graders be taught LGBTQ topics ‘under the radar’

A public records request by a parent in a California school district uncovered emails revealing a conspiracy between a third-grade teacher and administrators to teach 8-year-olds about gender and sexual identity “under the radar.” 

A video from the Glendale Unified School District board meeting that followed shows one mother eviscerating the board members over allowing the teacher to continue indoctrinating their children.

Parents at the school board meeting identified the teacher as Tammy Tiber. In emails sent by Tiber to the Teaching and Learning Department after a parent pulled a child off an LGBTQ-focused lesson, Tiber said: 

“Today I talked to my class about LGBTQ pride month and played 2 short videos from YouTube that were geared towards kids. A parent who heard the lesson and discussion made her daughter leave Zoom and texted me asking me when I was done discussing sexual orientation so that she could let her kids back into Zoom. I was planning on doing more lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, but now I’m afraid to.”

Tiber listed YouTube links to the two videos for the classroom, as well as a video discussing attraction to nudity in film. According to the leaked emails, the administration’s response was to offer Tiber better strategies to continue teaching LGBTQ topics “Under the Radar.”

According to the mother in the April 19 school board video, Tiber was teaching LGBTQ curriculum three days a week in her classroom.

In her address to the school board, the mother added, “These are 8-year-old children that she’s trying to hold a sexual orientation class with. You guys want us to believe that this isn’t propaganda, that no agenda is being held. This wasn’t just any sexuality class, this was specifically designed.” 

She asked why a classroom would spend three days a week focused on LGBTQ curriculum when not every child in the classroom is excelling in the subjects they’re there to learn. She then asserted that, “The words sexuality, nudity (don’t) belong in the ears in a classroom of 8-year-olds.”

The mother then blasted the board for its lack of action, saying it demonstrated an immense “level of disrespect.” Other parents described the contents of the emails as “appalling.”

According to the Gender Identity K-12 Team substack, a group of parents met with the schools’ administration “regarding the topic of exposing children to topics of gender identity and sexual orientation during elementary school, which parents were concerned was too early for their children.”

The parents were informed their concerns were taken very seriously. But, they say, “One week later, we see in this email that GUSD administrators doubled down on exposing 3rd graders to a very specific gender ideology, even after a parent asked that her child be opted out of the ‘lessons.’”

According to the Daily Caller, other leaked emails from the district prove the agenda to be clearly at work in their schools, as leaked emails from Craig Lewis, an administrator at Glendale Unified School District, called for a “more aggressive approach” to teaching CRT and LGBTQ ideologies in the classroom. Lewis also speaks of being on the “immediate verge of a civil war in the US” and that he is done “playing nice” with parents.