School board member to host ‘Queer Youth Open Mic Night’ for ‘all ages’ in her sex shop

A Washington state school board director will host an LGBTQ event for youth at the sex shop she owns. 

“All queer youth (0 to 18 years old) are invited,” according to a Facebook invitation to the Bellingham, Washington event. “Free to attend for all ages.” 

Jenn Mason, the school board member who also owns the sex shop, is described on Bellingham’s District website as a “small business owner working with nonprofit organizations and government agencies on resource development, communication and events.”

Jason Rantz, who originally reported the story on his talkshow, criticized the event: “The sex shop isn’t living up to its promise to be ‘inclusive, never creepy’” – a phrase from the store’s website. 

“This event is inappropriately inclusive, and extremely creepy,” Rantz went on. “It’s hard to explain who has more questionable judgment: Mason or any parent who brings a child to this event.”

One glance at the store’s products reveals books such as “Ethical Slut” and every level of “kink” and BDSM paraphernalia imaginable.

In a statement to Rantz, Mason said the children would be “physically separated” from the sex toys in the shop. She also said the event is “unrelated” to her role as a school board member. 

The school district distanced itself from the event in a statement to Fox News Digital, saying the “community event is not sponsored by our schools or school district.”

On his radio show, Rantz explained that many community members were upset with the planned event, but “there’s fear [protesting] would be twisted as anti-gay, which it is not.

“They merely feel that introducing children to a sex shop at a young age is inappropriate. They’re right.”