Leaked social media posts show how Chicago Teachers Union leaders smuggled woke ideology into school lessons

Social media posts by Chicago Teachers Union members and executives describe how they covertly insert far-left woke indoctrination into their lessons.  

The alarming Facebook posts in the “CTU Members Only Facebook Group” were sent to the campaign of Illinois gubernatorial candidate Jesse Sullivan by an anonymous whistleblower, according to Fox News Digital. 

In one post, CTU President Stacy Davis Gates recounts how a school library employee bragged about inserting race into curriculum, which the Sullivan campaign argues is a violation of district policy. 

“I didn’t listen either time,” the library staffer admits, according to Gates’ post, which appears to approve of the behavior. 

In another post, CTU executive Jackson Potter shares how he had “some of the most wonderful and intense conversations with students as we explored how patriarchy, materialism, and white supremacy shape our notions of love.” Potter’s alleged conversations revolved around feminist and LGBTQ activist Bell Hooks’ book, “All About Love.” He said his class “took two full days to annotate four pages, and it required every minute.”  

In another example, CTU executive board member Sarah Chambers recounted how she “stole” supplies from her students to teach them about Christopher Columbus. 

“When I taught 8th-grade social studies, we used to do a lesson where we walked in and started taking students’ pencil cases and stuff,” her post said. Her students were frustrated, which she used to pivot to her interpretation of Columbus’ relationship with Native Americans. 

“Some adults clearly should have been in my class because they are acting like this country wasn’t built on stolen land by people who stole everything from people of color,” Chambers wrote. “How do you think they filled the museums? They looted countries all over the world.” 

“We are grateful to the CTU whistleblower who answered our call,” the Sullivan campaign told Fox News Digital, “and brought forward these documents that show CTU members violating the prohibition on political activities for public officials, using their taxpayer-funded positions to indoctrinate our children with a radical political agenda.” 

Sullivan recently launched a Power to the Parents agenda, promising to “implement the most sweeping educational reform in a generation, putting parents back in the driver’s seat to get every child on the path to college or career-readiness, no matter their background.”