Public school required students to ‘believe’ liberal slogans to join mentorship program

Students at a Washington state high school were required to pledge agreement with liberal political slogans such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Women’s rights are human rights” in order to join a mentoring program at the school. 

The requirement was part of a “Code of Conduct” students and their parents had to sign. One section required that students “believe” the following slogans, each having a checkbox: 

  • “Black Lives Matter”  
  • “Love is Love”  
  • “No Human is Illegal”  
  • “Women’s rights are human rights”  

The program, called “Link Crew,” pairs juniors and seniors with incoming freshmen for a smoother transition into high school life at Eastlake High School near Seattle. 

Science teachers Jason Wessels and Michelle Okroy, who serve as faculty advisors for the group, sent the two-page policy home with students, according to Jason Rantz, a Seattle-based KTTH radio talk-show host who reported the story. 

“This Code of Conduct is so wildly and obviously inappropriate,” Rantz wrote on the KTTH website, “that it strains credulity to think Wessels and Okroy thought it wise to demand fidelity to these political causes. And it’s hard to believe any nonpartisan parent – or student – would allow their kid to sign this document.” 

The policy also warns “failure to adhere” may result in “dismissal” from the group. 

A screenshot of page 2 of the policy, via KTTH.

When Rantz reached out to the school with questions he received only this simple reply: “Thank you for your questions and for bringing this to our attention. We will address this matter with the school and the Link Crew advisors.” 

“Would it ever be appropriate to ask students to pledge an agreement that all lives matter, marriage is between a man and a woman, we should build a border wall, and that life begins at conception?” Rantz asked.  

“Of course not. And media outlets would demand answers. Here? They’ll stay silent.”