House Dems ‘refused even to consider’ a resolution condemning pro-abortion violence 

Despite more than 100 attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers and churches since May, Democratic leaders in the House “refused even to consider” a proposed resolution condemning the violence.  

U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson’s House Resolution 1233 called for the violence to be condemned nationwide, and also made an urgent request for help from the Biden administration which critics say has done far too little in the matter.  

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, at least 50 known incidents of arson or vandalism against pro-life organizations have taken place across the U.S., according to a report from And since the draft ruling was leaked in May, the number of incidents is more than 100. 

Crimes range from basic graffiti attacks to serious felonies, including the following: 

  • The Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center in Oregon was firebombed by pro-abortion activists, the fourth of its kind within a month.  
  • Antifa members in Oregon smashed a building, and male members sucker-punched a female journalist during a pro-abortion riot. 
  • Tombstones for unborn babies were vandalized in Louisiana. 
  • Abortion activists were charged with attempting to murder police in California.
  • Abortion activists firebombed a Wisconsin pro-life group’s offices with Molotov cocktails. 

“This goes on and on,” Johnson said in his address on the House floor Tuesday. “I’ve got pages and pages of these. It’s out of control.” 

Johnson criticized Democratic House leaders for turning a blind eye to such acts of violence. 

“America’s pregnancy centers provide absolutely essential services in all 50 states,” Johnson said. “They serve millions of women every year. They’re supported by over 10,000 medical professionals. 

“When will this body stand up against the mob? When will we restore law and order?” he asked. “Our side is ready to act. We have an obligation and responsibility to do it.” 

Pro-life groups lamented the silence from House democrats on Tuesday. “By remaining silent on these attacks, Democrats are pouring fuel on the fire and encouraging more threats and violence,” a Twitter post by one pro-life organization read. 

“Radical leftists were emboldened by the inaction of this body in the aftermath of the leaked opinion,” Johnson argued from the floor, “and now they’ve targeted their violence against the very groups that care for women and their unborn children in their most vulnerable moments. It’s unconscionable.”