Teacher on TikTok claims entire second-grade class ‘switched’ pronouns

An elementary teacher claims her entire class of second graders “switched” pronouns after one child revealed his new pronouns to her in class.

The shocking claim came in a video shared by the Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” last week.

“Once the class knew that I knew, they all switched pronouns,” the teacher claimed. 

Twitter users argued at length about the meaning of the phrase “switched pronouns” – whether the teacher meant that the entire class changed their own pronouns or simply agreed to use the one student’s new pronouns. 

In either case, critics say the encouragement of such behavior is inappropriate in a second-grade classroom. 

In the video, the teacher said she was furious that a whole group of second graders had to hide the pronouns from “unsafe” people. She ends the video with the claim that the second-graders just “get it,” and that adults have all the “issues and hang-ups.” 

This narrative – that parents are the issue as radical teachers save the day – has become common among proponents of fluid gender ideologies.  

“If your parents don’t accept you for who you are, f*** them. I’m your parents now,” an Oklahoma middle school teacher said in an online video in December. 

A similar message was posted on a classroom door in New Jersey recently. 

“If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity, I’m your mom now,” the sign read. 

 And while these messages may be shocking for many parents, they follow the widescale adoption of policies preventing school staff from sharing such information with parents.