These men in drag wanted to dance for children so badly they hired armed goons to protect them

Promoters of a “kid friendly” drag show felt the event was so important they enlisted the protection of armed ANTIFA militants. 

The Barrel Babes Drag Brunch at the Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke, Texas Sunday was advertised on Facebook as “Dancing Music and Laughs.” However, journalist Taylor Hansen tweeted that the “kid-friendly” event featured “Vulgarity, Sexualization of Minors, and Partial Nudity.” 

In a video Hansen posted of the event, children can be seen frolicking with drag queens – men dressed as hyper-sexualized caricatures of women. The children were cheering and giving tips to the performers like adults at a strip club in Las Vegas. 

When The Lion attempted to watch Hansen’s video of the children delighting to drag queens, we first had to get past a Twitter filter that warned, “The following media includes potentially sensitive content.” Twitter evidently considered the images – at an event catering to minors – too risqué to post without a warning. 

The event was reportedly attended by at least 20 children and multiple members of the Keller Independent School District – one of whom was a middle school teacher who described the event to Hansen as “pure entertainment.” 

Likening the event to a cartoon or comedy show, she went on to say, “it’s been in the culture … You know, it’s Saturday Night Live, Bugs Bunny.” 

While it’s true that Bugs Bunny was known to dress as a woman, it was for comedic effect, not sexual indoctrination. 

“I know a lot of these people are teachers from our district … just fighting, fighting for the rights of these students to be able to learn and have access to material that represents them,” the middle school teacher said. “I have several non-binary students, and whether or not they intend to remain non-binary or whether or not they’re exploring gender, it’s up to them and it’s not a problem. … It’s a culture war.” 

War, indeed. Antifa – whose masked, black-clad, heavily armed mercenaries were standing watch over the drag queens at the Barrel Babes Drag Brunch – is well-known for its intimidation tactics and violence. It has been dispatched to disrupt and even cancel events involving conservatives. 

And in 2019, writer Andy Ngo, who has chronicled Antifa’s antics in newspaper articles and his bestselling book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s radical plan to destroy America, was actually hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage in an unprovoked assault by an Antifa mob. 

Parents and other observers have been left wondering why there would be a drag queen event for children, moreover one guarded over by soldiers of fortune with such a violent past.