Whistleblower leaks guidebook showing ‘radical gender theory’ curriculum in San Francisco school district 

A California school district released a guidebook urging teachers to keep quiet about student “gender transitions” and to affirm the preferred pronoun “it” as part of its radical gender theory curricula.

The guidebook and related resources, leaked by a whistleblower, is part of the curricula at San Francisco Unified School District. It was obtained and shared online by Christopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

The graphics and documents shared online reveal the materials advocate for woke gender causes.

One PowerPoint slide depicts a person uncomfortable with “only two [gender] choices. Another slide lists over 15 different “gender orientations” under four categories.

Students are also encouraged to reject “vanilla sexuality” and join the “bisexual umbrella,” where they can embrace all sorts of “gender identities,” including “fluid,” “pansexual,” “omnisexual,” “homocurious,” and “heteroflexible.”

A flyer for “International Pronouns Day,” dated Oct. 20, 2021, contained the line, “Referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is basic human dignity,” the flyer reads. 

Official school documents were also leaked. 

One, entitled “Neopronouns Explained – Focus on ‘it’,” encouraged the use of “it” as a personal pronoun, though it qualified its use: “The pronoun ‘it’ has a long history being used as a slur to dehumanize trans and gender non-conforming folks,” the document states, comparing “it” to the “n-word” as a slur. 

Another worksheet, intended for K-5 children, asks students to list their preferred names and pronouns with the option to withhold that information from parents. The sheet asks: “What is your official name?”; “What name would you like me to call you in class?”; “What name would you like me to use with your grown-ups?”; “Would you like me to call you a boy, a girl, or something else?” 

Middle school students are also being encouraged to attend “Q Groups.” These confidential groups connect “students to mental health professionals and clinics that offer gender-affirming health services,” including puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender surgery. The groups meet weekly to discuss gender-related topics and exclude “non-LGBTQ+” individuals. 

What about parents? They are large part left out, according to district policies.  

In a Zoom meeting, an administrator said SFUSD parents have the right to opt their kids out of contraception and STIs but not the gender curricula, taught in “Social Studies, ELA, Art, and other subjects.” 

“San Francisco Unified’s policy subverts basic parental rights,” Rufo said of the shocking resources. “The district is playing a dangerous game, facilitating child gender and sexual transitions without notifying or gaining the consent of their families.”