Georgia’s graduation rate hits 84.1% as steady increase over past decade continues

(The Center Square) – Georgia public high schools recorded a graduation rate increase in 2022, continuing a steady uptick over the past decade.

On Thursday, state officials said the 84.1% graduation rate is an all-time high — and up from 83.7% in 2021 — since the state began using the “adjusted cohort calculation” required by federal law.

The Peach State’s high-school graduation rate has increased over the last decade, from 69.7% in 2012, 71.8% in 2013 and 81.6% in 2018. In 2020, the rate increased to 83.8% from 82% in 2019 but dropped slightly to 83.7% in 2021.

“Teachers and students who persevered through the challenges of the last several years deserve credit for Georgia’s graduation rate increasing and other recent positive indicators, like Georgia students beating the SAT national average once again,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said in an announcement. “I commend Georgia’s educators and the class of 2022, and am confident we will continue to see improvements as we expand opportunities for students and invest in the academic recovery of our state.”

In a news release, state officials noted that 107 Georgia school districts had graduation rates at or above 90%, up slightly from last year when 102 school districts recorded a graduation rate of at least 90%. Meanwhile, 41 school districts had a graduation rate of 95% or higher, which is slightly higher than a year ago when 37 school districts had rates at or above 95%.

In fiscal 2023, state lawmakers approved $10.7 billion in state funding for Georgia’s education department, an increase of $493 million from the original fiscal 2022 budget of $10.2 billion. The fiscal 2022 amended budget increased funding to more than $11.1 billion in state funds for the education department.

The education department’s budget also includes federal funds.