‘Parents are sick of it’: Michigan mom slams school board for silencing parents

(Daily Caller) – A Michigan mom blasted the Dearborn school board for recessing a meeting during a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox News, claiming they tried to silence parents after they shut down a school board meeting.

“What I wanted to do is get community awareness and I’ve been trying for at the board meetings for about a year,” Stephanie Butler, a mom of four, told “Fox & Friends First” co-host Todd Piro. “The problem was is that in 3 minutes’ time, which is what you are allotted to speak, I didn’t have enough time to get my message across so I decided one day to go and do a video outside of one of the high schools and all of a sudden it went viral and I had… we had set up a book rally, just trying to let the parents know and we would’ve been happy if there was 50 people that showed up. Instead, we got a crowd of over 800 people. So, if that tells you anything, parents are sick of it.”

Dearborn school board president Roxanne McDonald recessed Monday’s school board meeting, claiming that the fire code was being violated. The board rescheduled the meeting for Thursday at an area high school, Fox2Detroit reported.

Butler also reported harassment over her efforts to get involved in her children’s education.

“I’ve had my Google business taken down, I get prank phone calls calling me white Christian nationalist. You know, they share fake stuff about me on Twitter,” Butler said. “They’ve accused me of [working for] Moms for Liberty. I mean, there’s just so much nonsense. I have people within my own community trying to discredit me and trying to call off what they call this army mob of religious extremist parents who care about their kids and don’t want them to be, you know, sexually glorified.”

McDonald did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.