California teachers are curating queer libraries, gaslighting Pre-K students about their gender

Parents in California were outraged to discover a local teacher brought sexually explicit content into their classroom. Now, the school district is launching a review, Fox News reported.

The San Juan Hills High teacher, who goes by Flint, identifies as non-binary, queer and uses they/them pronouns.

“People get really mad about my queer library,” Flint revealed on TikTok. “I have like 200 titles that are specific to the LGBTQ community that I’ve been curating for over eight years.”

“My students love that library,” the teacher continued. “It has been very helpful for many students figuring out who they are.” 

In one video, Flint recommends several books for elementary students, including The Gay BC’s, which is described as “the perfect way to teach your kiddos LBGTQ+ vocab,” and This Is Our Rainbow, a collection of stories featuring non-binary, trans and homosexual characters. 

The curated library also contains literature featuring pornography, BDSM, and other forms of sexual deviance. 

Once they found out, California parents were shocked at the content of Flint’s classroom library. 

“There shouldn’t be porn allowed in classrooms,” David Averell, a local parent, said. “What was in the classroom pretty much made me sick.”

Despite the lack of public support for LGBT topics in schools, some educators forge ahead with radical ideologies. 

Danita McCray, an elementary child development teacher in Sacramento, advocates teaching gender ideology to toddlers.

“I have done research. I have got my doctorate degree,” she stated in 2021. “Children are not too young at 5 years old. Children understand gender as early as 3 years old.” 

McCray even detailed how she routinely gaslights her youngest students regarding their own gender identity. She tells them, “Yes, you were born a girl or boy, but you may not feel that way.” 

She also forbids them from designating a “boy bathroom” or “girl bathroom.”  

“Radical teacher-activists are actively robbing America’s young and vulnerable their childhood innocence by obsessing over the dangerous gender ideology,” stated Wenyuan Wu, Executive Director of the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation 

“What is worse is that such activism is encouraged, endorsed and sponsored by teachers unions,” she concluded.  

The result of such teaching is that, although adult transgender rates remained steady during the past six years, the rates of transgender youth (ages 13-17) have doubled

Monday, the district told Fox News Digital Monday that in addition to its investigation of the questionable books, it sent an email to its teachers requesting that they remove any books in their classrooms that do not comply with the school’s policy on the matter.