Oregon gov’t student health survey asks 11-year-olds if they are trans

(Daily Caller) – The Oregon Department of Education is administering a 2022 student health survey that asks 11-year-olds if they are transgender, according to the Oregon government website.

Oregon’s Student Health Survey is a state-wide test administered on a school-to-school basis to students in classrooms or online to “improve the health and well-being of students,” according to the Oregon government website. The 2022 survey asks sixth grade students if they are transgender and provides seven different gender identity options.

The sixth grade students were given several gender identity options including, two spirit, girl/woman, boy/man, demigirl, which is to feel both female and agender, demiboy, the feeling of being both male and agender, nonbinary, gender fluid, agender, which is having a lack of gender, and nogender. The two spirit option is only to be chosen if the student identifies as American Indian or Alaska Native, the survey said.

Though students are not required to take the survey, the Oregon government website states that the survey is the only way the state will know “how students are doing physically, emotionally and socially.” A version of the Student Health Survey is administered every other year and in 2020 all Oregon counties, with the exception of two, contained schools that administered the survey, according to the Oregon government website.

Students who identify as Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander were given several gender identity options such as “fa’atane,” “mahu kane” and “takatapui.” If no options apply, the student can write in which gender identity they best see fit.

The survey asks students to choose as many sexual orientation options as necessary including, lesbian or gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic or queer. Students could also write in their sexual orientation or say they are unsure of their sexual orientation.

Students are also asked if there is a group of students on campus such as a “Gay/Queer/Straight Alliance club, affinity group or black indigenous people of color group” that they identify and can meet with, the survey showed.

The Oregon Department of Education did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.