Former trans woman Oli London responds to LGBT advocate who denied existence of ‘detransitioners’ like him

An LGBT advocate testified to Congress that detransitioners – people who return to their biological gender after identifying as transgender – don’t exist.

Oli London, a detransitioner, begs to differ.

When testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Jessie Pocock, executive director of the LGBT youth nonprofit Inside Out was questioned by Rep. Michael Cloud, R-Texas, about the experience of detransitioning.

“I’ve been in this work for a long time. I know a lot of trans folks, close friends, family members,” said Popcock. “And I’ve just never heard a case of anyone detransitioning so I honestly don’t think it’s a real thing.”

Cloud said that there are numerous stories of detransitioning in the news and expressed concern for “kids who are making a permanent decision even without the input of their parents.”

One such story belongs to London, a British man who caused a stir when he announced his transition from a British male to a Korean female. But he now calls his transition – which included 32 surgeries – a “big mistake.”

“I’ve had a difficult time with my gender identity struggles,” London told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “Is it any wonder that people like me and young people want to change their gender when we have the normalization of this in our schools?” 

“I’m an adult but, you know, these kids can’t make these decisions on their own. They’re being pushed this radical agenda,” he continued. 

London also responded directly to the congressional hearing and criticized Pocock for using her platform to gaslight detransitioners. 

“[Pocock] obviously has a lot of influence and power,” said London. “She was saying that these people do not even exist. People like me don’t exist.” 

He even blamed Pocock for inciting hate and abuse against those who detransition.  

“They [detransitioners] get abuse because people like her in a position of power that say these people don’t exist,” London said. “They just care about the dream being sold that everyone who is trans is happy. And it’s simply not the case.”  

London isn’t the only formerly transgender person speaking out.  

Chloe Cole is suing the doctors she claims manipulated her and her parents into agreeing to cross-sex surgery when she was a teenager.  

Scott Newgent, who featured prominently in Matt Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman, discussed the life-threatening health problems she experienced as a result of cross-sex surgery.  

Cat Cattison has also criticized the medical establishment for “trying to use body modification to treat a mental illness.”  

And Chris Beck, a former Navy SEAL, said that being transgender “destroyed my life.”  

In many cases, detransitioners say they were prescribed life-altering hormones after only one conversation with a medical professional without being properly informed of the risks of cross-sex treatment. Now they suffer the irreversible effects.  

“I used to really hate the way I looked so I thought having all this surgery, trying to become a girl, dressing as a girl, being more feminine, I thought that would make me happy,” said London. “That was a big mistake.”  

He reiterated that this issue is “really affecting kids, and the school boards have a lot to answer for with this.”