Kirk Cameron plans national library tour to promote family values and freedom

After successfully promoting his new children’s book at previously unwelcoming public libraries, actor and writer Kirk Cameron is planning a national library tour.

Cameron’s new book, As You Grow, tells the story of a seed that grows through “trials and triumphs” into a mature oak tree.

The story highlights virtues such as love, joy and gentleness while developing an overarching theme of freedom. The book is part of the “Freedom Island Saga” from Brave Books, a series devoted to teaching children the value of freedom and its defense.

Despite the innocuous contents of the new book, many libraries initially rejected or ignored the publisher’s request to host a story hour related to the book, Cameron told Fox News Digital. But the events that did take place brought huge crowds.

After Indianapolis Public Library’s rejection, for example, Cameron says the story hour event attracted around 2,500 attendees. The library estimated around 750 people would attend. 

“There were thousands of people. We have so many comments and testimonials from people who were actually at the events who counted the people there – and some who were saying that there were more than 2,500 people, that it was more like 3,000 or more,” Cameron said.  

Scarsdale Public Library in New York reluctantly rented space to Cameron while making multiple public statements to distance itself from the event. It wouldn’t allow him to host a third event even after the first and second were well attended. 

Scarsdale has since scrubbed any mention of the event from its Facebook page. 

But the Scarsdale and Indianapolis libraries have widely and proudly publicized controversial “drag queen story hours” on their websites and other channels, which parents – and taxpayers – may take exception to

“When you send men in women’s lingerie and clown makeup and wigs to read sexualized stories to [young children], it seems that’s the line where moms and dads and grandparents are saying, ‘No more.’” Cameron said. 

The flood of support from parents and concerned citizens at these events persuaded Cameron to embark on a national tour. 

“There are a lot of libraries in America – around 9,000 of them – and we’re going to the ones that seem to be the most in need,” Cameron said. “We’ve been flooded with emails and comments on social media with people pleading with us to come to their libraries.” 

Cameron says this contradicted many libraries’ claims that their patrons weren’t interested in the book. 

“So now I’m going to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta,” Cameron said, and any other place “where people are crying out for someone to push back and stand up and bring the kinds of values that made this country free and led to its blessings.” 

Cameron’s next story hour is slated for Jan. 14 in Los Angeles.