Oli London announces new memoir, explains how faith helped him detransition

Oli London, a British man who previously identified as a Korean woman, recently announced his new memoir, Detransition, as he continues to refute the radical gender ideology that hoodwinked him and so many others.

Detransition gives an intimate look into what led Oli London to his identity struggles becoming a ‘Korean woman’ and how he overcame his battle to become an advocate for the millions of young people who question their own identity,” the book’s description reads.

“It goes through my struggle,” London told GB News, “but it’s more of a broad perspective of what’s going on in society now with woke ideology, with children being indoctrinated, and how we can find a solution to this problem.”

He continues that his memoir explains “how we can love and support children … without having to medically transition them.”

Although London never used cross-sex hormones, he did undergo over 30 facial surgeries to appear more feminine.

When GB News asked him if he ever considered doing more surgery to look masculine again, he explained why he finds physical appearance irrelevant to mental health.

“[Surgery] wasn’t answering my problems. You know, the more surgery I do, the more unhappy I am,” said London, recalling his prior mental health struggles. “I’m just thinking though that it’s much better to find self-acceptance from within and that’s more important.”

London credits his detransition to his newfound Christian faith.

“It’s brought me back to who I am as a person, finding God,” London told the Catholic News Agency.

“It made me [realize]: ‘You know what, God made me a certain way, God made me who I am. Why on earth would I want to change that?”

Since he shared his story publicly, London said he’s received thousands of messages of encouragement and prayer from fellow Christians, and hopes the Church continues supporting people with gender dysphoria.

His own memoir is an attempt to do just that – by sharing the truth about modern transgender culture and the radical gender movement.

“I want to help people,” he said. “I’ve got an insight into this world, how it feels to go through this, and I want to warn parents. This wokeness has kind of caused the problem in the sense that we can’t even call these things out anymore.”

Another notable victim of woke cancel culture is J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, who supports same-sex spaces for women that exclude biological males.

“It’s almost like a modern-day book burning or a Salem witch hunt,” London suggested in another interview, “that anyone that dares, like J.K. Rowling dares question the narrative, is suddenly canceled, and that’s what I was getting just for announcing my book, Detransition.”

London and Rowling have both criticized the presence of transgender women in women-only prisons, as numerous cases of sexual assault resulting from such arrangements have come to light.

One transgender inmate was even accused of assaulting four women in the span of just three months.

“This is why it is essential biological men are kept out of women’s prisons,” London tweeted.

Rowling has been equally outspoken on the same issue, though the media has labeled her “transphobic” and claims her legacy is forever tarnished.

London disagrees.

“I always support J.K. Rowling,” he declared. “She’s probably one of the biggest philanthropists in the U.K. She’s donated hundreds of millions for so many charities and people seem to forget that.”

London is vocal on a variety of transgender-related issues. He has criticized Tampax for using biological men to advertise feminine care products.

He also decries drag shows being marketed towards children, calling them “sexually explicit performances.”

London’s book is available for pre-order and will be released Aug. 1.