Parents successfully pressure school board to give conservative the seat he nearly lost over a ‘clerical error’

Parents in Wisconsin expressed outrage over a “clerical error” after a bureaucrat’s mistake threatened to cost a conservative school board member his seat.

The error was in the length of the term specified for the ballot, which was to be one year, not three, which was actually printed on the ballot, according to Kenosha News.

Eric Meadows, who was elected to an open spot last April on the Kenosha Unified School District board, told Fox News that the error has forced him to consider whether it was done deliberately.

The school board reportedly accepted the opinion of the district’s attorney, who said the election wasn’t valid and that the board needed to appoint someone to fill the spot.

“This is a year later? They want to undo this [election]? This starts a very dangerous precedence,” Matthew Allan, a Meadows’ supporter, told local CBS 58 News after the controversy broke out.

Meadows received 9,000 votes in the school board election last April, securing one of three open spots on the board, according to the CBS news station.  

“The timing of this is rather suspicious. I think that might be the case. They discovered the error shortly before I could’ve been on the ballot for the spring election,” Meadow told Fox. 

“I’m on the minority on the board. There’s a couple of us who kind of think the way that I do, but the rest think very differently, it seems… I don’t know if they’re trying to get rid of me because of that. I couldn’t say,” he added. 

But parents who supported Meadows spoke out to the school board about the error before the vote on a new appointment.   

“And now we’re just set back again, and it just gets tiresome. This man has run three times,” Michelle Marshall told the board about the need to appoint Meadows to the spot, according to CBS 58. 

“We do feel pretty much ignored except for by Eric and Kristie [another conservative member of the school board]. We do feel pretty much ignored. They look at us like who are you, basically,” echoed Paula Gonzales, a Kenosha voter.

The board subsequently voted 5-1 to give Meadows the spot, which the board says is just a one year term. 

But Meadows legal team has vowed to fight the one year term. 

“We’re going to make sure Mr. Meadows serves the full three-year term he was elected to,” Meadows’ attorney, Erick Kaardal told Fox News.