School board member wearing cat ears says Christian values ‘not safe’

A newly-elected elementary school board member in Arizona is drawing scrutiny over her opposition to the school’s partnership with a Christian university, calling their Biblical worldview “unsafe.”

Donning cat ears, board member Tamillia Valenzuela, said she was “disheartened” by the longstanding partnership between Arizona Christian University and the Washington Elementary School District, which allowed university students to be placed as student teachers, Fox News reports.

“While I full-heartedly believe in the religious freedom and people being able to practice whatever faith that they have, I had some concerns regarding looking at this particular institution,” she said of Arizona Christian.

“And I think it’s a really good time for us to take a moment and really pause about where our values lie,” Valenzuela added.

On her motion, the board voted to terminate the agreement with Arizona Christian.

Valenzuela describes herself as “a bilingual, disabled, neurodivergent Queer Black Latina… who loves a good hot wing (but only with the right ranch) and things that sparkle,” reported Fox News.

That’s in addition to her identifying as a “furry,” those who self-identify as an anthropomorphic animal character.

One group that wrote about her election victory said that while she appears to be a lone, crazy, furry, cat lady who ran and won the board spot, in reality, her run was financed by the Arizona Latino School Board Association (AZLSBA).

“While Ms. Valenzuela may appear to be a catgrassroots candidate, she is just another well-connected individual who is being used to further the financial and political interests of others, to the detriment of children,” wrote Peggy McClain, of 

Not content to denigrate the university’s Christian worldview, Valenzuela also took aim at Jesus himself.

“My concerns, [is] when I go to Arizona Christian University’s website, [they are] ‘committed to Jesus Christ, accomplishing his will and advancements on earth as in Heaven,’” complained Valenzuela.

“Because that makes me feel like I could not be safe in this school district,” said the board member, who also describes herself as “Witchy” on her Twitter account.

However, has catalogued a number of her public comments not safe for elementary school audiences on her now-locked Twitter account.

The website also details the financial relationship between AZLSBA and one of their backers, local construction company ADM Group.

“ADM Group Inc. is a (sic) award winning Architecture and Interior Design firm that specializes in K-12, Higher Education, Commercial and Aviation Architecture …” said the company’s website.

“And there it is. Tamillia Valenzuela’s votes while on Washington Elementary’s governing board will not be a surprise to anyone. She owes many individuals and their special interests,” the says.