Left-wing protesters disrupt mothers’ book launch, throw drinks

By disrupting a launch party for a conservative book at a New York restaurant, left-wing protesters ironically proved the book’s point, its authors say.

The book, “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” argues the far-left’s “woke” agenda is targeting the nation’s most vulnerable kids in the “all-out battle” against “the American family.”

Co-authors Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz told Fox News that left-wing protesters disrupted their launch party last Wednesday by yelling “Black Lives Matter,” throwing drinks and damaging a book display. Some protesters also harassed attendees as they left the event.

Mandel’s two-month-old baby, who was with her at the event, was unharmed.

“These kids – they were adults but they acted like children – are exactly what… the parents that are buying our book don’t want their children turning into for sure,” Mandel said.

Markowicz also stressed the need for parents to “fight back” against “forced conformity.”

“We teach parents how to fight back against this and make sure that your kids don’t grow up into angry protesters throwing drinks in a New York City restaurant,” she said.  

“The message is that this leftist virus is targeting all of our children, and part of it is this forced conformity that they want us all to be a part of, that you’re not allowed to speak anything different. We all have to think differently, and you’re certainly not allowed to step outside their lines.” 

Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media who attended the book launch party, joined the authors on Fox News to recount the events of that night. He called the current political environment “intolerant, angry and ignorant.” 

“Some of the books were damaged, but a lot of the guests took it as a point of pride to take those damaged books away,” he said. “Because you pointed out this is all about the kind of environment we have today intolerant, angry and ignorant.” 

Forbes argued the far-left resorts to “intimidating” tactics because they have a difficult time convincing others to adopt their views. 

“I think part of it is they know they don’t have a majority,” he posited. “They know they can’t persuade people to think this extreme way. So, they have to use intimidation so that you silence yourself, you censor yourself, you don’t go against school boards like they’re now doing around the country in the aftermath of COVID. 

“They know they can’t win through the normal give and take of open democratic debate, so they try to do it by intimidation.” 

There is no word whether any legal action will be taken against the protesters.