Oklahoma private and parochial schools outscore public schools while spending less

Recent analysis from the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs shows that private and parochial schools charge much less than public ones and have more to show for it.

OCPA collected tuition and performance data for nearly 90 private schools, most of which charge less than $10,000 for tuition. Some charge as little as $3,500.

Comparatively, the average per-student expenditure for Oklahoma public schools is $12,967.

And like many private schools in other states, Oklahoma’s Christian schools demonstrate superior student achievement.  

OCPA reports that many parochial schools have average ACT scores in the mid to high 20’s. The public school average in the state is 18.8 

Private school average for the SAT is 1281 out of 1500, while public school students average 951 

As public education worsens, parents and community members across the state support programs that help students attend private or parochial schools. And that support is only growing.  

According to Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associate, a data collection organization based in Oklahoma, 65% of state residents want Oklahoma to use tax dollars to provide school choice opportunities for families.  

The support exists in both urban and rural communities, and even 47% of Democrats favor school choice, while 39% oppose.  

While Oklahoma already has a $7,300 voucher program for students with disabilities, the state legislature is currently considering a $5,000 tax credit school choice program for low-income families.  

Gov. Kevin Stitt and State Superintendent Ryan Walters have both expressed strong support for education freedom.