About The Lion

About The Lion

We are living in tumultuous times. American culture seems confused, even schizophrenic.

Culture is never uniform, but within the nation today, contradictory factions are growing. Parents are unsure what kind of future awaits their children, and they fear too many, even their own, will be swept up in a small but raging torrent of political and ideological progressivism.

We need moral courage informed by trustworthy information. Enter The Lion. One of nature’s most majestic creatures, the lion is often a symbol of strength and courage. As a publication, The Lion embodies these ideals.

The Lion is an initiative of the Herzog Foundation, and it carries articles covering a wide range of issues facing American families and culture, especially related to the education of children. In covering these topics, articles will also touch on aspects of parenting, family life, faith, government, and other relevant cultural topics.

We aim to produce timely, critical, must-read news articles and resources for families, educators, and leaders. The Lion publishes a number of stories each day, and we love our daily readers. But we also offer an easy-to-digest weekly newsletter with article excerpts. Don’t miss a single one.

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