Ben Cain

Benjamin ‘Ben’ Cain is a local and state news reporter for The Heartlander, prior to which he was a contributor for ABC affiliates KSPR 33 News, KY3 News and Ozarks Sports Zone.

10-year-old raises tens of thousands for veterans, hands out free bracelets

A 10-year-old girl from the Ozarks spends much of her time handing out free appreciation bracelets to veterans. In turn, Serenity Henness has raised thousands of dollars for her veteran-based… Read More

May 22, 2023
Sight & Sound Theatre’s biblical performances to celebrate 15 years in Branson this May

Sight & Sound Theatre has been celebrating biblical scripture through many avenues throughout the years and breathes life into each elaborate scene on its stages in Branson, Missouri and Lancaster,… Read More

May 1, 2023
Public Education
Missouri bill would ban transgender athletes in youth sports

(The Heartlander) – A bill before the General Assembly would prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls’ sports in Missouri. SB 87, also known as the “Save Women’s Sports… Read More

January 13, 2023
Public Education
Missouri school district to allow armed faculty members as part of safety enhancements

One school district in southern Missouri is enhancing its safety protocols by allowing district staff to carry concealed firearms. Hurley R-1 School District began exploring the policy change in 2018… Read More

September 14, 2022