Bethany Blankley

Bethany Blankley is a contributor for The Center Square.

Abbott touts Florida’s education success as reason for Texas to pass school choice

(The Center Square) – Texas should strive to have the best educational system in the country, Gov. Greg Abbott says, and that’s why he’s supporting school choice initiatives in the… Read More

April 14, 2023
Twenty-four Texas House Republicans defect on school choice vote

(The Center Square) – In budget deliberations on Thursday, the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives voted to ban state dollars from funding vouchers, Education Savings Accounts and other school choice… Read More

April 10, 2023
Public Education
First group of 4,500 teachers receive $3,000 civics bonuses in Florida

(The Center Square) – As teacher shortages persist in states nationwide, Florida continues to expand teacher recruitment and reward teachers with bonuses, following through on several initiatives launched last year… Read More

April 6, 2023
Bills filed in Texas to ban DEI policies in higher education institutions, government entities

(The Center Square) – Several bills have been filed in the Texas legislature to ban “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) policies from being implemented at higher public institutions and government… Read More

March 28, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Texas lawmaker prioritizing school safety, teacher pay hikes, parental controls over explicit materials

(The Center Square) – Over the last few weeks, House Speaker Dade Phelan, R-Beaumont, has announced in piecemeal fashion bills he says the state House must prioritize. Several he recently… Read More

March 16, 2023