Christian Rehder

Christian Rehder is the Editor of The Heartlander. He joined the publication in early 2021 after working in the nonpartisan Office of Presidential Correspondence for The White House for almost two…

Public Education
Wentzville School District under fire for divisive, partisan quiz question about political ideology

WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Wentzville School District is facing criticism this week for a partisan and divisive question from an online high school quiz that arguably paints Republicans in a racist… Read More

May 2, 2022
Public Education
‘Build Our Bench’ initiative gets three conservatives elected to school boards, says there’s more work to be done

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Three conservative candidates in Kansas City’s Northland were elected to school boards earlier this month, much to the credit of a city councilwoman’s mission to get… Read More

April 28, 2022
College of the Ozarks suing President Biden, claiming executive order violates religious liberty

(The Heartlander) – College of the Ozarks is suing President Joe Biden, claiming that his executive order is unconstitutional for preventing the college from assigning dorms based on students’ biological sex. Read More

August 9, 2021