Dana Abizaid

Dana Abizaid is a contributor to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Public Education
High school bans ‘USA Day’ for being too ‘politicized’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A Massachusetts high school principal said in a letter to parents that the school had canceled Friday’s “USA” theme day to avoid sparking controversy and… Read More

November 20, 2023
Public Education
School district places teacher on administrative leave for reading ‘Happy Endings’ aloud in class

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A Massachusetts School District teacher has been put on administrative leave after reading Margaret Atwood short stories aloud in class, WBZ-TV reported. The literature in… Read More

September 5, 2023
Public Education
Speech control? Massachusetts elementary schools ban students from talking about weapons

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – When school starts in Somerset, Massachusetts next week, elementary students will face a new rule that bans any talk or gestures of weapons, according to… Read More

August 28, 2023