Emma Waters

Emma Waters is a research associate with the DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at The Heritage Foundation.

Military bill expands IVF services to gay and transgender service members

(The Daily Signal) – A sweeping Senate bill would radically expand in vitro fertilization and other reproductive technologies for military service members without regard to their sexual orientation, gender identity, or… Read More

March 13, 2024
IVF legislation would open door to child abusers creating kids

(The Daily Signal) – Liberals are trying to use the controversy over a state court decision about IVF to jam through expansive legislation with massive consequences. On Feb. 16, the… Read More

February 28, 2024
‘Deepfake’ danger: Children who exploit other kids online using pornographic imagery

(The Daily Signal) – In a show of bipartisanship outrage at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham castigated the CEOs… Read More

February 16, 2024
‘Radical rejection of biology’: New woke definition of infertility includes anyone who prefers not to naturally reproduce

(The Daily Signal) – Same-sex couples and singles, no matter their sexual orientation, now qualify as infertile. That is, at least, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, whose … Read More

January 8, 2024
US is a top destination for child sex trafficking, and it’s happening in your community

(The Daily Signal) – Kara was 11 when her family first sold her body for drugs. Sydney was 14 when she met an older man online who promised her financial… Read More

July 26, 2023