Faith Perkins

Faith Perkins is a staff writer for The Lion. She graduated from Missouri Western State University with a bachelors in convergent journalism.

Public Education
‘It should not be tolerated’: Antisemitic slurs cause Jewish girls’ high school basketball team to end game early  

A high school girls’ varsity basketball game in New York was abruptly ended after players yelled antisemitic slurs at the opposing Jewish team.   Roosevelt High School, a public school in… Read More

January 12, 2024
‘lol go cry about it b***h.’ Trans activist with ‘be gay and do crime’ motto appointed by WHO to create guidelines for child sex changes

An assistant law professor whose motto is “be gay and do crime” has been appointed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop guidelines for sex changes on minors. … Read More

January 11, 2024
Jewish student sues Rutgers University over alleged retaliation for his antisemitism complaint

A Jewish law student is suing his university for retaliating against him after he raised concerns about antisemitism on campus. Yoel Ackerman, a first-year law student at Rutgers University, claims… Read More

January 11, 2024
Public Education
‘We are all accountable for what we say and do’: University of Wisconsin chancellor fired over secret porn gig

A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse chancellor was recently fired after online pornographic videos of him and his wife were discovered. “Upon my recommendation, the UW Board of Regents today terminated… Read More

January 8, 2024
‘I will never agree with this,’ says female boxing star after USA org allows biological men to compete against women

USA Boxing is under fire for its new transgender policy that allows biological men to compete against women. The updated policy was released last week along… Read More

January 5, 2024