Faith Perkins

Faith Perkins is a staff writer for The Lion. She graduated from Missouri Western State University with a bachelors in convergent journalism.

Female powerlifter suspended for standing up for women’s sports  

A female powerlifter is facing a two-year suspension from the sport after speaking out about the unfairness of biological males competing in women’s sports.  “Breaking: I now face a 2-year… Read More

November 10, 2023
Public Education
Yet another MCPS teacher arrested for sexually assaulting a student

A former Maryland teacher was charged Tuesday with sexually abusing a middle school student in 2015, one of dozens of employees in the same district arrested for such crimes in… Read More

November 9, 2023
Female field hockey player hospitalized after teeth knocked out by male opponent, leading to calls for policy change

A biological male playing on a girl’s varsity field hockey team severely injured a female opponent during a high school tournament Thursday in Massachusetts. The female athlete for… Read More

November 7, 2023
Riley Gaines advocates for fairness in women’s sports at a California university as protestors outside turn to vandalism

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was met with protest during her pro-women speech at a California college Friday. Around 150 people showed up at UC Davis Conference Center to hear… Read More

November 7, 2023
PragerU releases educational film about the dangers of ‘gender-affirming care’

Conservative education nonprofit PragerU has released a short documentary, “DETRANS: The Dangers of Gender-Affirming Care,” and kicked off a $1 million marketing campaign to promote it. Read More

November 6, 2023