Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas is chief news correspondent and manager of the Investigative Reporting Project for The Daily Signal.

Here’s how many Democrats voted against requiring proof of citizenship to vote

(The Daily Signal) – The Republican-controlled House voted 221-198 Wednesday to require proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections. The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, or SAVE Act, would… Read More

July 11, 2024
Bans on foreign funding for ballot measures gain momentum in Congress, states

(The Daily Signal) – Opponents of foreign funding of U.S. ballot measures expect momentum at both the federal level and in states.  In May, the House Administration Committee advanced a bill to… Read More

June 25, 2024
Trump vows to combat agencies weaponized against Christians

(The Daily Signal) – Citing the federal arrests of pro-life activists, former President Donald Trump vowed to establish a task force to investigate anti-Christian bias if he is elected to another term. … Read More

June 24, 2024
7 highlights as Fauci testifies under oath on COVID-19

(The Daily Signal) – Dr. Anthony Fauci testified Monday before the House panel investigating the origins of COVID-19, defending pandemic-era restrictions and again sharply denying financial support for gain-of-function research with… Read More

June 4, 2024
Fauci ‘could be indicted’ for destruction of records, says US senator

(The Daily Signal) – Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, contends there are grounds to prosecute Dr. Anthony Fauci, the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in America, based on congressional testimony from… Read More

May 28, 2024