Hayden Ludwig

Wokeism in secular private schools: Advice for concerned parents

The winds of change are sweeping across the nation. Public school board recalls hit an all-time high in 2021 of 84 recall efforts against 215 board members (between 2006 and 2020 they averaged just 23 per year). As of February, 26 recalls had already been launched in 2022, driven by parents furious over endless COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, and the disturbing curricula targeting children.

Wokeism in secular private schools: The DEI playbook

NAIS’s most potent tool for spreading “woke” ideology is its annual conference. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) experts urge schools to classify people by identities such as race, convince them that they are being harmed by their environment, and turn them into fervent advocates for institutional change.

Wokeism in secular private schools: ‘Go woke or get out’

"Go woke or get out" – These themes are now central to NAIS’s accreditation standards, which means many of the country’s top schools are barred entry unless they agree to enforce “woke” ideology on campus. Not every private school has surrendered, of course, but NAIS holds a virtual monopoly on teacher training tools and vital market research. Non-woke schools risk losing accreditation and their competitive edge if they don’t comply.

Wokeism in secular private Schools: No bridge is too far

In contrast to government education, private schools have historically been considered a safe harbor for students to receive religious and socially conservative teaching—or at least a quality education. Yet every one of the parents I spoke with eventually discovered that the same organization was at the root of the wokeism.

Wokeism in secular private schools: Learning “Leninthink”

(Capital Research) – The march of woke ideology through private schools has been somewhat different than its takeover of public schools. Government-run schools are pretty…

Wokeism in secular private schools: Going undercover

(Capital Research) – If you thought your children were safe from the Left’s culture war in a private school, think again. Across America, a pandemic…