Jason Hopkins

Jason Hopkins is a reporter covering immigration issues for the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Sanctuary cities overwhelmed, kick illegal immigrants out of shelters

(The Daily Signal) – Democrat mayors who initially advertised their cities as welcoming sanctuaries for illegal migrants have scrambled to scale back key shelter programs as they grapple with mounting costs… Read More

July 9, 2024
Maryland authorities suspended prison time for illegal immigrant convicted of child sex abuse, ICE says

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Maryland law enforcement officials suspended a prison sentence for an illegal immigrant convicted of sex crimes against a minor and then ignored a detainer request… Read More

June 4, 2024
Illegal alien convicted of killing 2 children released despite ICE detainer

(The Daily Signal) – Connecticut law enforcement officials released an illegal immigrant convicted of killing two young children in a drunk driving accident, despite a detainer request lodged against him,… Read More

May 23, 2024