Jay Greene

Jay Greene is a senior research fellow in the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation.

Education eclipsed: Unnecessary school closures breed anxious children

(The Daily Signal) – A total eclipse crossed the country this week in a display of natural wonder. Rather than seize the opportunity for an engaging science lesson, hundreds of… Read More

April 11, 2024
When a teachers union adopts a radical foreign policy

(The Daily Signal) – Traditionally, teachers unions have kept a laserlike focus on improving members’ pay, benefits, and working conditions. Now, though, teachers unions are diverting their energies from fighting for… Read More

March 27, 2024
Claudine Gay is gone, but diversity ideology still plagues Harvard

(The Daily Signal) – Numerous and compounding reasons led to Claudine Gay’s removal as president of Harvard University. Her departure, while a necessary first step, does not solve the problems that required… Read More

January 8, 2024
GMU’s president gets it wrong: DEI has overtaken his school

(The Daily Signal) – Does having a bevy of officers who push race, sex, and LGBT victim/oppressor theories on university students enhance or detract from their learning? This is the… Read More

October 3, 2023