Jennifer Nuelle

Jennifer Nuelle is a contributor for the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Medical internship program under fire for rejecting anyone who doesn’t ‘identify’ as Black

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A medical internship program is under fire for allegedly racially discriminating against otherwise qualified applicants, requiring that applicants must “identify” as black or African American. Read More

July 23, 2024
Public Education
Oklahoma’s Ryan Walters revokes license for teacher who wished Trump shooter ‘had better scope’

(Daily Caller news Foundation) – Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters stated on Tuesday that he plans to revoke an Ardmore City School instructor’s teaching certificate over her comments praising the… Read More

July 18, 2024
Public Education
‘Damage is done’: Parents, officials scoff at Newsom’s attempt to atone for shutting down schools

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s massive $2 billion aid package to address pandemic learning is a sign of failed education policies, according to parents and school… Read More

July 16, 2024
Columbia University removes deans caught sending texts with ‘antisemitic tropes’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Columbia University removed three deans from their positions after they were caught sending text messages that touched on “antisemitic tropes” during a campus event on… Read More

July 9, 2024
Millions of Americans haven’t forked over a single cent toward their student loan debts

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Nearly half of student loan borrowers have not made repayments since billing resumed last year, according to The New York Times. Student loan repayments were… Read More

July 5, 2024