Jillian Schneider

Jillian Schneider is a Staff Writer for The Lion. Her work has also appeared on RealClearEducation, The Federalist, The Heartlander, Acton Institute PowerBlog, and ZuMedia.

Public Education
Jewish civil rights coalition sues California school district over ‘antisemitic’ ethnic studies curriculum

A Jewish civil rights groups filed a lawsuit last week against the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) board, alleging it violated state law and was… Read More

September 14, 2023
New Mexico keeps passing the buck of education reform

New Mexico is arguably the worst state for public school students. Only 21% of the state’s 4th graders are proficient in reading, with 19% proficient in math. It’s even worse… Read More

September 12, 2023
Public Education
‘Grade grubbing.’ Some high school and college students want good grades without the work, says survey

A survey of nearly 300 high school teachers and college professors found that students frequently ask for better grades than they’ve earned, also known as grade… Read More

September 11, 2023
Christian Schools
Christian Teacher of the Year: Bible teacher Jake Kounter explains why there’s nothing more exciting than biblical education

Jake Kounter loves seeing the gospel come alive in the lives of his students. As the Bible teacher at Immanuel Christian High School in Virginia, Kounter works with students who… Read More

September 8, 2023
Christian Schools
Catholic education is growing in Florida, fueled in part by school choice

Enrollment in Catholic schools is booming in Florida at a time when half of the state’s K-12 students are being educated in a school other than their zip code-assigned public… Read More

September 8, 2023