Jillian Schneider

Jillian Schneider is a Staff Writer for The Lion. Her work has also appeared on RealClearEducation, The Federalist, The Heartlander, Acton Institute PowerBlog, and ZuMedia.

Homeschool students campaign for Ted Budd, helping him win North Carolina U.S. Senate race

North Carolina just elected its newest U.S. senator in businessman, former U.S. representative and homeschool father Ted Budd. But when it came to persuading voters,… Read More

December 5, 2022
Public Education
Akron public schools riddled with violence, distressing parents and teachers alike

Violence and fear are now said to be commonplace in Ohio’s Akron Public Schools, reportedly putting both students and staff in harm’s way on a daily basis. … Read More

December 5, 2022
Christian Schools
This week in Christian education (Nov. 28-Dec. 2)

Christian students organize food drive for local food pantry – Students from Community Christian School hosted a food drive and donated 538 boxes of cereal to their local food pantry. Read More

December 2, 2022
Legislation, Public Education
No going back? Americans’ engagement, trust in public schools is irreparably shaken, report shows

Three years after the advent of COVID-19, public education has lost what may be permanent amounts of both students and trust, a new report says. The… Read More

December 1, 2022
Public Education
Speak of the devil: After School Satan Clubs open in California, Ohio, horrifying parents

When The Satanic Temple announced new after-school elementary programs in California and Ohio, parents and residents voiced their unequivocal dissent. On Monday, Wilmington, Ohio residents… Read More

November 30, 2022