Joe Herring

Joe Herring is an independent investigative journalist, an Army veteran and a proud husband, father and grandfather. His work has been featured by the late Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others in the…

Opinion, Public Education
Op-Ed: Woke ideology is infiltrating curricula and teacher training produced by activists

Public school teachers assemble very little of their own curriculum, leaving an opening leftist activists use to sneak in woke doctrine. Frequently, educators adopt a ready-made package from… Read More

January 26, 2023
Culture, Public Education
The shocking true story of how school and state officials took a girl from her parents, allowing her to be trafficked twice and relentlessly abused in the name of gender ideology

School and child welfare officials in Virginia, blinded by radical gender ideology, allowed a 14-year-old girl to be sex trafficked twice and horrifically abused in an unfathomable chain of events. Read More

January 24, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Omaha school district spends COVID-relief funds to open $6.6 million health care center in poor performing high school

A Nebraska high school is using federal COVID-relief dollars on a health care center despite the extreme academic needs of its students. Benson High School (BHS) in Omaha… Read More

January 20, 2023
Opinion, Public Education
New law requires New Jersey schools to teach critical thinking, but could it be politicized?

A recently signed New Jersey law will ensure public schools teach critical thinking and other research skills, but some worry it could be politicized in the classroom. New… Read More

January 11, 2023
Public Education
Public schools face dramatic rise in student misbehavior, potentially straining special education resources

Reports of student misbehavior have risen sharply in public schools, as districts also report widespread “stunted” social development among students. Yet special education resources may not be able… Read More

January 10, 2023