Kristen Eichamer

Kristen Eichamer is a senior media analyst at The Heritage Foundation.

What stands between US citizens and the American dream today

(Daily Signal) – Is the American dream a feasible aspiration anymore? Housing prices and interest rates are up, making it almost impossible for young people to afford to buy a home. Read More

May 16, 2024
New athletic clothing brand gets it: XX and XY—vive la difference!

(The Daily Signal) – Athletic clothing brands hold Women’s History Month promotional campaigns every March and claim to support women’s and girls sports, but haven’t spoken out against men competing… Read More

April 26, 2024
‘Problematic’ podcast’s woman of the year: Riley Gaines

(The Daily Signal) – Time magazine named pop singer Taylor Swift its Person of the Year. There is a good economic argument to be made for why Swift deserves the title,… Read More

WARNING: ‘Don’t Let Your Child Fall Prey to a Manufactured Identity Crisis’

(Daily Signal) – Virginia mom Merianne Jensen became a voice for parental rights and common sense when she asked a simple question during a local school board meeting… Read More

There’s no ‘XY’ in female sports

(The Daily Signal) – I was part of the last generation of female-only athletes in women’s sports.   Discomfort changing in the locker room, missing out on competition… Read More

June 8, 2023