Lauren Jessop

Lauren Jessop is a contributor to The Center Square.

Public Education
Report: School building closures help Pittsburgh taxpayers

(The Center Square) – The Pittsburgh Public School District recently passed a budget that again spends more money than it collects, leaving some analysts sounding the alarm about deferred building… Read More

January 18, 2024
Public Education
‘Funding cuts and teacher shortage myths.’ Data analysis reframes PA education issues

(The Center Square) – As Pennsylvania’s legislators prepare to return to Harrisburg to sort out the state’s education system and budget, a new report challenges what they call “funding cuts… Read More

August 29, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Parental education rights movement still going strong

(The Center Square) – Amid parental concerns, heated school board meetings, and legal battles, Pennsylvania joins the list of other states drafting parental rights legislation. Republicans in both chambers say… Read More

April 28, 2023
Public Education
New dynamics influence education spending choices in Pennsylvania

(The Center Square) – Pennsylvania’s top education official told House lawmakers this week the state’s proposed budget makes a “down payment” on the future of schooling in the commonwealth. This,… Read More

March 24, 2023