Michael J. Dillon

Michael J. Dillon is a Christian, husband, father, freelance artist and writer. He received his degree from Missouri State University and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

Public Education
California mom claims she was fired for opposing school district’s transgender ideology for 10-year-olds after pressure from ‘Progressive Democrats’ group

A California Mom says she was “cancelled” for speaking out against a new sex-ed curriculum promoting transgender ideology for 10-year-olds in her children’s school district. A “Progressive Democrats” group allegedly… Read More

August 17, 2023
Public Education
New Jersey sues school districts to stop them from telling parents about their kids’ gender transitions; governor says it’s the ‘American way’

The New Jersey attorney general has filed lawsuits against three school districts in the state over their policies to inform parents of their children’s gender transitions. Meanwhile, Gov. Phil Murphy… Read More

August 16, 2023
Public Education
Texas school district organizes shuttles and t-shirts for staff, students and families to attend ‘Pride Parade’

The Austin Independent School District in Texas has arranged shuttles to take “staff, students and their families” to the annual Austin Pride Parade on Saturday, apparently on the taxpayers’ dime. Read More

August 10, 2023
Alabama library backtracks, hosts story hour with Kirk Cameron, Riley Gaines to overflow crowd

An Alabama library Friday reversed its decision to cancel a Saturday story hour with Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines after receiving a letter from First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit protecting… Read More

August 8, 2023
Public Education
Tennessee school district labels whites, Christians and ‘able-bodied’ as privileged, training documents reveal

A training on “cultural competency” offered by a Tennessee school district labels whites, Christians and the “able-bodied” as privileged, while classifying people of color, the “polyamorous” and people with disabilities… Read More

August 4, 2023