Morning Routine

The Morning Routine is a daily devotional for Christian educators, parents, and leaders. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Darrell Jones, President of the Herzog Foundation, and presented by the Herzog…

The Battle Belongs to the Lord | Morning Routine for September 8

Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of… Read More

September 8, 2021
Priorities and Delegation | Morning Routine for September 7

And the twelve summoned the full number of the disciples and said, “It is not right that we should give up preaching the word of God to serve tables. Therefore,… Read More

September 7, 2021
Pray in the midst of Godlessness | Morning Routine for September 6

Save, O Lord, for the godly one is gone; for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man. Everyone utters lies to his neighbor; with flattering lips and… Read More

September 6, 2021
Build Others Up with Your Words | Morning Routine for September 5 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those… Read More

September 5, 2021
Confidence in Creativity | Morning Routine for September 4

Now out of the ground the Lord God had formed every beast of the field and every bird of the heavens and brought them to the man to see what… Read More

September 4, 2021