Patrick R. Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons is public affairs manager at Step Up for Students and a research fellow for the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. A former teacher, he lived in Las Vegas, Nev., for five…

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Public schools can’t escape criticism when reflecting on Brown v. Board

(reimaginED) – Nearly 70 years after Brown v. Board of Education rewrote the rules of American K-12 education, pundits and academics are still debating its legacy. And despite nearly universal… Read More

May 23, 2022
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New research unpacks Michigan’s proposed education savings account program

(reimaginED) – Michigan’s tax-credit-funded education savings account program could save state and local governments as much as $386 million a year, according to new research from the Mackinac Center… Read More

May 18, 2022
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Almost 5,000 struggling Florida readers reaped benefits of Reading Scholarship program in 2020-21

(reimaginED) – Nearly $2.5 million in Reading Scholarships were awarded to 4,961 Florida students during the 2020-21 school year according to a report prepared by the state-approved scholarship funding… Read More

April 6, 2022
New study shows intriguing results in education savings account use to support learning

(reimaginED) – The longer parents utilize education savings accounts, the more comfortable they become using scholarship funds on curriculum, tutoring and educational services, a new research paper finds. Rural families… Read More

March 10, 2022
New national poll shows support for education choice continues to grow

Support for school choice has increased since April 2020 by eight percentage points, from 64% to 72%, according to a new poll from RealClear Opinion Research. The largest increase… Read More

March 2, 2022