Sarah Parshall Perry

Sarah Parshall Perry is a senior legal fellow in the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Lia Thomas’ biological edge ‘is not the problem,’ claims women’s studies professor

(The Daily Signal) – Susan Shaw, a women’s and gender studies professor at Oregon State, penned a recent op-ed in Forbes titled “Transgender Swimmer Lia… Read More

February 9, 2024
Supreme Court denies review in critical trans bathroom case that could have clarified Title IX

(The Daily Signal) – The Supreme Court unceremoniously denied review Tuesday in a case that would have clarified once and for all whether separating bathrooms based on biological sex violates either … Read More

January 17, 2024
‘Problematic’ podcast’s woman of the year: Riley Gaines

(The Daily Signal) – Time magazine named pop singer Taylor Swift its Person of the Year. There is a good economic argument to be made for why Swift deserves the title,… Read More

Teacher fired for not using student’s preferred pronouns wins major victory

(The Daily Signal) – In a gratifying win for religious freedom and free speech, the Virginia Supreme Court concluded Thursday that embattled Virginia high school teacher Peter Vlaming, who had been … Read More

December 15, 2023
Abortion back on the docket for Supreme Court term

(The Daily Signal) – The Supreme Court has agreed to examine the Food and Drug Administration’s decisions in 2016 and 2021 to drop virtually all safety precautions for obtaining and using … Read More

December 14, 2023