Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson’s 40-year newspaper career has featured stops in Washington, D.C., Sacramento, California and Tampa, Florida, his hometown. Follow Tom on Twitter: @ThomasJaxTampa.

National Microschooling Center launches, proving ‘modern one-room schoolhouse’ is no flash-in-the-pandemic phenomenon

(reimaginED) – It’s well documented that millions of parents turned to microschools as a result of campus shutdowns during the long Covid-19 nightmare. These nimble learning centers provided safe gathering… Read More

August 30, 2022
Microschools offer flexible span of educational opportunities, endless choice for families

(reimaginED) – Originally tagged “pandemic learning pods,” as though once the COVID-19 emergency had passed, so would these traditional education alternatives, the micro-school phenomenon appears ready to shed its born-of-the-moment… Read More

June 27, 2022