Biden Foundation partnered with organization that touted following kids’ cue on whether to tell parents of gender identity changes

It’s up to teachers whether to tell parents about their children’s changing gender identities, according to an organization that once partnered with the Biden Foundation.

“Whether or not you…

It’s up to teachers whether to tell parents about their children’s changing gender identities, according to an organization that once partnered with the Biden Foundation.

“Whether or not you choose to share that information with the parents really comes down to some of your individual beliefs and expectations,” Gender Spectrum’s then-director of professional development Joel Baum said as part of the organization’s “Gender Support Plan.”

“We recommend that you follow the kids’ cue on this,” he said, noting that “young people have privacy rights as well and we need to be very, very careful about violating those.”

Fox News Digital asked the White House if President Biden thinks parents have a right to know about their children’s gender identity changes at schools, but did not immediately receive a response. The Biden Foundation was formed in 2017 but effectively shut down in 2019 due to Biden’s candidacy for the 2020 presidential election.

In the months before its shuttering the Biden Foundation partnered with Gender Spectrum to launch the “Advance Acceptance” campaign to raise awareness of “the importance of family and community acceptance in the lives of transgender and gender diverse youth.” Gender Spectrum uses professional development to promote gender ideology in medicine and education.

“It’s very possible that the family will in fact find out about how the young person is being supported in this way,” Baum is quoted in training on the Gender Support Plan. “And you … need to have contingencies in place for dealing with that if it does come up.”

“If the student has asserted a degree of privacy, what steps will be taken if that privacy is compromised,” the plan asks.

Though Baum no longer works for the organization, these sentiments are old hat for Gender Spectrum. It has provided gender ideology-laden curricula to schools since before the partnership with the Biden Foundation, and continues to do so.

Fox News reports Gender Spectrum partnered with GLSEN (formerly the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) and Planned Parenthood in March of 2019 to release a guide that drew a distinction between one’s genitalia and gender.

The organization has repeatedly suggested over the last 15 years that familial support should include the use of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for children who want to transition to a different gender.

Regardless, the majority of Americans do not support puberty blockers or transition surgeries for minors, according to a recent poll conducted by the American Principles Project Foundation – which found that 63% of respondents agreed that minors were too young to make that kind of decision.

The revelations of the Biden Foundation’s ties to such fringe gender ideology come as the Biden administration rewrites Title IX to superimpose gender identity onto the 50-year-old law. Over 350,000 public comments were offered in opposition to the rewrite during the comment period, which closed a few weeks ago.

The Association of Mature American Citizens asserts that, for the Biden administration, “removing parents from the equation is an intentional feature of the new regulations,” adding that doing so would allow educators and school administrators to act “in place of the parent” in matters of gender identity.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), one of the largest teachers’ unions in the country, also has recently promoted helping students transition their genders without parental knowledge.